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— Our Restaurant —

Located on Launceston's waterfront, Mudbar Restaurant is open daily from 11:45am until late every day.

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— Covid-19 and Mudbar —

Customers friends and visitors!

After covid-19 has beaten us up so well, It gives me great pleasure to open our doors at last to share with you all the very best that Tasmania has to offer. Here at Mudbar
we offer you our Asian/Euro food style with world class wines and our aim to give you a fabulous and memorable time!

Welcome to Mudbar

Don Cameron

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Riverfront dining in abundant fresh air
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— Our Story —

Todays Mudbar space is designed for those people who love to eat, drink and gather in a stylish buzzy environment that's fast-paced and fun.

Our team is the culmination of many years in hospitality and restaurant ownership spanning four decades and more. They express a mature and exciting attitude towards their most important asset, their customers!

Our goal each and every day is to delight you in every way with outstanding service, fun and delicious food!

Welcome to Mudbar.

Don Cameron

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— Freestyle Australian Menu —

We aim to present to you, food that is bold with exciting Asian influences of heat and spice, salt and sour, sometimes subtle, but always sublime. Our Asian influences may look casual but have a fastidious dedication to our flavours and of course our aim to make it delicious!

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— Gift Vouchers —

Give the ultimate gift of indulgence. Give a Gift Voucher for a great dining experience at Mudbar. Gift vouchers are valid for three years from the date of purchase and non-transferable. They can be redeemed for lunch or dinner.

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