mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Bec’s King

Bec's King

Forty Spotted Citrus Gin, marmalade, orange, sparkling wine
This royal concoction with Forty Spotted Citrus Gin, marmalade, orange, and sparkling wine will make you feel like a monarch in your own kingdom.

Aye, Aye, Captain!

Sailor Jerry rum, Aperol, pineapple, lime, sugar
Set sail with this adventurous mix of Sailor Jerry Rum, Aperol, pineapple, lime, and sugar. It’s a treasure chest of flavours ready to plunder.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Aye Aye Captain
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Bruno's 46

Bruno's 46

Espresso, Makers 46, Adams coffee liquer, sugar, bitters
Elevate your espresso experience with Makers 46, Adams Coffee Liqueur, sugar, and bitters. Perfect for those who prefer their coffee with a kick.

Butter-Choc Crumble

vodka, Kahlúa, Creme dê Cacao, butterscotch, cream
Indulge in a liquid dessert with this creamy blend of vodka, Kahlúa, crème de cacao, butterscotch, and cream. It’s like a sweet crumble in a glass.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Butter Choc Crumble
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Cinnamon Pash

Cinnamon Pash

Beach House spiced rum, passionfruit, Cointreau, lime, sugar, passionfruit foam
Spice up your night with Beach House Spiced Rum, passionfruit, Cointreau, lime, sugar, and passionfruit foam. This cocktail is a passionate love affair.

Cucumber Chiller

cucumber vodka, mint, lime, sugar
Cool down with cucumber vodka, mint, lime, and sugar. This drink is as refreshing as a dip in a crystal-clear pool on a hot summer day.
Cucumber Chiller
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Cucumber cloud

Cucumber cloud

gin, elderflower, pineapple, cucumber
Float away with this light and airy mix of gin, elderflower, pineapple, and cucumber. It’s like sipping on a cloud of botanical bliss.

Forbidden Mango

gin, mango liqueur, pineapple, mango puree, lime
Dive into tropical paradise with gin, mango liqueur, pineapple, mango puree, and lime. This drink is the ultimate forbidden fruit fantasy.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Forbidden Mango
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Ginger Martini

Ginger Martini

vodka, lemon, sugar, salt, ginger
Get a zingy punch with vodka, lemon, sugar, salt, and ginger. Perfect for those who like their martinis with a spicy twist.

Ginger Tingle

Montenegro, Chambord, orange, lemon, ginger ale, raspberries
Experience a tantalizing tingle with Montenegro, Chambord, orange, lemon, ginger ale, and raspberries. It’s a cocktail that will tickle your taste buds.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Ginger Tingle
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Hollywood Hotshot

Hollywood Hotshot

Aperol, Cointreau, Glayva, orange, lemon, orange bitters, tobasco
Shine like a star with Aperol, Cointreau, Glayva, orange, lemon, orange bitters, and a touch of Tabasco. This drink has the glam and the punch of a Hollywood hotshot.

Indochine Nostalgia

Domain de Canton, Woodford Reserve, Dom Benedictine
Travel back in time with Domain De Canton, Woodford Reserve, and Dom Benedictine. This cocktail is a nostalgic journey through exotic flavours.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Indochine Nostalgia
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Into The Black Forest

Into The Black Forest

vanilla Galliano, Chambord, lemon, sugar, egg white
Escape into a dark and dreamy world with vanilla Galliano, Chambord, lemon, sugar, and egg white. It’s a taste of the mysterious Black Forest in every sip.

Italian Earl Grey

limoncello, earl grey, Italicus liqueur, lime, sugar
Enjoy a refined twist on teatime with Limoncello, Earl Grey, Italicus Liqueur, lime, and sugar. This cocktail is the epitome of Italian elegance.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Italian Earl Grey
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Mango Dolce

Mango Dolce

vodka, Baileys, mango, cream, salted caramel
Treat yourself to a dessert in a glass with vodka, Baileys, mango, cream, and salted caramel. It’s a sweet escape you won’t want to miss.

Midnight Mallow

marshmallow vodka, butterscotch schnapps, vanilla Galliano
Cozy up with this marshmallow dream featuring marshmallow vodka, butterscotch schnapps, and vanilla Galliano. It’s like a campfire treat for grown-ups.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Midnight Mallow
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Mudbar Spritz

Mudbar Spritz

Aperol, lemon, sugar, soda with your choice of vodka/elderflower/limoncello
Refresh yourself with a choice of vodka, elderflower, or Limoncello, combined with Aperol, lemon, sugar, and soda. It’s a spritz that’s perfect for any occasion.

Passionfruit Melone

vodka, passionfruit, pineapple, rockmelon
Savour the tropical flavours of vodka, passionfruit, pineapple, and rockmelon. This cocktail is a fruity escape to a tropical paradise.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Passionfruit Melone
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Passionfruit Mojito

Passionfruit Mojito

Passoa, passionfruit, lime, sugar, soda, Bacardi, mint
Enjoy a mojito with a twist of Passoa, passionfruit, lime, sugar, soda, Bacardi, and mint. It’s a passionfruit-infused delight that takes the classic mojito to the next level.

Pinch Me Where

yuzushu, gin, sweet vermouth
Experience a sophisticated blend of Yuzushu, gin, and sweet vermouth. This cocktail is an intriguing mix that will leave you wondering if you’re dreaming.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Pinch Me Where
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Ra Ra

Ra Ra

raspberry, Cointreau, tequila, Chambord, berries, lime
Dance through the night with raspberry, Cointreau, tequila, Chambord, berries, and lime. This cocktail is a berry-licious celebration in a glass.

Raspberries and Cream

Chambord, vodka, cranberry, raspberry, sugar, cream
Indulge in a creamy and fruity delight with Chambord, vodka, cranberry, raspberry, sugar, and cream. It’s a luscious treat perfect for any sweet tooth.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Raspberries and Cream
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Rosalie Fizz

Rosalie Fizz

grapefruit gin, lychee, mint sugar
Refresh yourself with grapefruit gin, lychee, and mint sugar. This fizzy delight is perfect for any time you need a bubbly lift.

Sammy Sherbet

Beach House Spiced Rum, Parfait Amour, apple juice, lime
Take a trip down memory lane with Beach House Spiced Rum, Parfait Amour, apple juice, and lime. This cocktail is a sweet and tangy delight that brings back childhood memories.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Sammy Sherbet
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Sandy’s Winter Warmer

Sandy’s Winter Warmer

winter gin, Cointreau, Creme dê Cacao, bitters, sugar
Warm up with winter gin, Cointreau, crème de cacao, bitters, and sugar. This cocktail is like a cozy winter evening by the fire.

Smurfette Splice

vanilla vodka, blue curacao, watermelon, lime, egg white
Enjoy a colourful and fun mix of vanilla vodka, blue curacao, watermelon, lime, and egg white. It’s a visually stunning cocktail that’s as fun as it looks.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Smurfett Splice
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Strawberry Floss

Strawberry Floss

vodka, fragola liqueur, lime, sugar
Savour the sweet and tart flavours of vodka, Fragola Liqueur, lime, and sugar. This cocktail is like sipping on strawberry cotton candy.

Summertime Breeze

Malibu, lychee, passionfruit, Angostura bitters, lime, sugar
Feel the summer vibes with Malibu, lychee, passionfruit, Angostura bitters, lime, and sugar. This cocktail is a breezy and refreshing taste of summer.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Summertime Breeze
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Tuscan Sunset

Tuscan Sunset

Aperol, Amaro, pineapple, lemon
Enjoy the flavours of a beautiful sunset with Aperol, amaro, pineapple, and lemon. This cocktail captures the essence of a picturesque Tuscan evening.

Wish Yuzu Were Here!

yuzushu, vodka, lemon yuzu
Transport yourself with Yuzushu, vodka, and lemon yuzu. This cocktail is a refreshing citrus escape that will make you wish you were here.
mudbar+cocktail bar+launceston+Wish Yuzu Were Here
Offering an extensive range of amazing cocktails, Mudbar Restaurant and cocktail bar in Launceston creates a genuine alternative to the traditional nightclub scene in Launceston.
We offer an intimate, laid-back atmosphere on the waterfront with a range of seating options inside and out for you to enjoy. Listen to some live music, order some delicious bar snacks and speak to one of our talented mixologists as they create the perfect cocktail for you.

Fancy A Few Cocktails In Launceston?

Where better to visit than Mudbar? Our cocktail bar in Launceston is waiting for you to enjoy. We’re open from 11am ‘til late every day, so you can drink them all day long. Whether it’s sweet or sour, gin or vodka, we’ve got a cocktail for everyone.

Find Your Favourite Cocktails At Mudbar In Launceston

We’re the ideal destination for social cocktails in Launceston, to grab something to eat or to hold your party. Our mixologists work hard to create the perfect cocktails to go with our Asian cuisine. Our food and drinks set us apart from other cocktail bars in Launceston – we offer service with real passion, high-quality ingredients, and everything is made with care. We hire only the best staff to work the floor, the bar, and in the kitchen, so you know you’re in for a great experience with every visit.
It’s hard to pass up our cocktails, made with Tasmanian alcohols and all kinds of different mixers, from classic martinis to our own signatures and twists on classics. You can even let us know what flavours you like and let our talented staff create a new one just for you. And who knows, you might create something amazing to stay on the menu for the future.
You can also explore our wine list and see why our wine bar in Launceston is so well known.

Why You MUST Visit Our Cocktail Bar In Launceston

Our hand-crafted food, wine cellar, and flavoursome cocktails combine to bring you elegance and fun and make Mudbar a must-do experience when you are in Launceston. Fabulous fresh and delicious Tasmanian food delivered by Mudbar’s super service team who are dedicated to you, the customer, means that you won’t forget your food and wine experience at Mudbar. At our waterfront bar and grill, you can enjoy Sunday live music or late-night drinks and nibbles whether you’re with family, friends or a loved one.
Inspired by Asian cuisine, each of our dishes includes a variety of spices and flavours. Blended to perfection, they give you a flavoursome meal with just the right amount of heat. Whether it’s hot and spicy or salty and sour, our aim is to create delicious dishes to please our customers. After all, we wouldn’t have been here for over 20 years if it weren’t for you!
Even if you’re not a cocktail person, everyone can enjoy Mudbar as we amaze you with our excellent service and inspiring food. Whether you’re here for a night out with the girls or hiring our function rooms for a party, we know you’ll fall in love with our restaurant again and again.
When you know you love Mudbar, you want your friends to experience it too! That’s why we sell gift cards available to redeem up to three years from the date of purchase. THREE YEARS. That means it’s not just the locals who can enjoy time here throughout the year: it’s great for holidaymakers who want to come back for that cocktail you only find on holiday.
Book your table today by calling 03 6334 5066 or online and find your new favourite cocktail bar in Launceston at Seaport Boulevard. We look forward to seeing you!

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