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Offering an extensive range of amazing cocktails, Mudbar Restaurant and cocktail bar in Launceston creates a genuine alternative to the traditional nightclub scene in Launceston.
We offer an intimate, laid-back atmosphere on the waterfront with a range of seating options inside and out for you to enjoy. Listen to some live music, order some delicious bar snacks and speak to one of our talented mixologists as they create the perfect cocktail for you.

Fancy A Few Cocktails In Launceston?

Where better to visit than Mudbar? Our cocktail bar in Launceston is waiting for you to enjoy. We’re open from 11am ‘til late every day, so you can drink them all day long. Whether it’s sweet or sour, gin or vodka, we’ve got a cocktail for everyone.

Find Your Favourite Cocktails At Mudbar In Launceston

We’re the ideal destination for social cocktails in Launceston, to grab something to eat or to hold your party. Our mixologists work hard to create the perfect cocktails to go with our Asian cuisine. Our food and drinks set us apart from other cocktail bars in Launceston – we offer service with real passion, high-quality ingredients, and everything is made with care. We hire only the best staff to work the floor, the bar, and in the kitchen, so you know you’re in for a great experience with every visit.
It’s hard to pass up our cocktails, made with Tasmanian alcohols and all kinds of different mixers, from classic martinis to our own signatures and twists on classics. You can even let us know what flavours you like and let our talented staff create a new one just for you. And who knows, you might create something amazing to stay on the menu for the future.
You can also explore our wine list and see why our wine bar in Launceston is so well known.

Why You MUST Visit Our Cocktail Bar In Launceston

Our hand-crafted food, wine cellar, and flavoursome cocktails combine to bring you elegance and fun and make Mudbar a must-do experience when you are in Launceston. Fabulous fresh and delicious Tasmanian food delivered by Mudbar’s super service team who are dedicated to you, the customer, means that you won’t forget your food and wine experience at Mudbar. At our waterfront bar and grill, you can enjoy Sunday live music or late-night drinks and nibbles whether you’re with family, friends or a loved one.
Inspired by Asian cuisine, each of our dishes includes a variety of spices and flavours. Blended to perfection, they give you a flavoursome meal with just the right amount of heat. Whether it’s hot and spicy or salty and sour, our aim is to create delicious dishes to please our customers. After all, we wouldn’t have been here for over 20 years if it weren’t for you!
Even if you’re not a cocktail person, everyone can enjoy Mudbar as we amaze you with our excellent service and inspiring food. Whether you’re here for a night out with the girls or hiring our function rooms for a party, we know you’ll fall in love with our restaurant again and again.
When you know you love Mudbar, you want your friends to experience it too! That’s why we sell gift cards available to redeem up to three years from the date of purchase. THREE YEARS. That means it’s not just the locals who can enjoy time here throughout the year: it’s great for holidaymakers who want to come back for that cocktail you only find on holiday.
Book your table today by calling 03 6334 5066 or online and find your new favourite cocktail bar in Launceston at Seaport Boulevard. We look forward to seeing you!


If you are in the mood for a refreshing alcohol-free alternative to our cocktails, please ask one of our Mudbar staff to help create a perfect mocktail to your taste! Whether that be something made from scratch with your flavour preferences in mind or a zero-alcohol twist on drinks such as mojitos or sours, let us create the perfect drink for you!

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